End Buyer Confusion

End Buyer Confusion and Save Sales

I’m really impressed with the simplicity of this pricing sheet. What can you do to eliminate confusion for your customers? I think this sheet does a fantastic job. It offers several choices, but not too many as to be overwhelming.

What do you do if your customer is hesitating on the sale because they can’t decide on the right letter or number style? Or the right jersey style? There are many ways to handle such a situation, but the most important thing to remember is, don’t let them leave undecided! First of all, let’s try to better understand why they are confused. Perhaps you’ve heard of the book, The Paradox of Choice, by psychologist Barry Schwartz. It’s a fascinating look at how buyers make choices, and is backed up by substantial research. The paradox is all about how offering more choice can sometimes mean fewer sales.  Because when there are too many choices, it places a psychological burden on consumers. According to Schwartz, when you have to spend too much time and effort in making a decision, the chance that you’ll make the wrong choice seems to increase. Instead of making a choice they fear they would regret, consumers just say “no thanks.” So, what can you do?

Professional Advice

Don’t get me wrong. It’s good for people to have choices. You want to be known as a business that is able to create ANY sort of custom look. But in reality, most people don’t even know what they want. Help your customers make the best decision by offering some professional advice. Let them know, in your opinion, which style would be best for the garment they’re considering. They’ll appreciate your experience and knowledge. Make sure your employees know what to say as well. Here are some pointers to give your employees: Pro Block and Varsity are your basic athletic styles. You can’t go wrong with either on almost any type of uniform. You’ll sound like even more of an expert when you suggest alternative styles to buyers that want something different. How about suggesting Tiffany numbers and letters on a retro-look baseball uniform? For an inexpensive two color look, suggest Shadow numbers. The color of the uniform shows through as the second color.

I’m not suggesting that you should limit the products or services you offer. And when you have a heat press, you can say YES to just about any apparel decoration request. But you may want to consider what items you have in stock and what items are available with several days lead time. How do you keep buyer confusion to a minimum?

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