Warming up for the Great Race

Mary and I weren’t able to attend, but Trevor took the ’67 GTO on a pre-Great Race rally to get her tuned up for rally conditions.


Two Spirit of Stahls’ team cars had the opportunity to join in the 2017 Vintage Car Rally Association’s “ALL STARS FOR AUTISM” rally in Joplin, Missouri. The event took place the last weekend in April, with 50 teams from all across the US participating in this charity rally event.  Many of the participants are also Great Racers and this is considered an excellent “warm up” for the upcoming Florida to Michigan run in June. Our son Trevor and rally partner Josh Hull drove the 1967 GTO that Mary and I will drive once again in the Great Race. Trevor reports: “We only got to rally 2 1/2 days, but learned valuable information that we can use for the Great Race. Rex Gardner (VCRA Founder/Director) and his team were wonderful and kept us all safe during the rally with 5″ + of rain that fell in one day. Spirit of Stahls team support members Chris, Seamus, and Magic Dave rallied in the 41′ Packard. It was a fantastic tune up for the cars, and allowed us to learn and brush up on our rally skills. We look forward to going back next year!”

Magic Dave McCallister is a vital part of the Spirit of Stahls’ team.

The VCRA’s Rally for Autism attracts cars and drivers from across the country.

The view from behind the wheel of the 1941 Packard. Rally on!

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  1. Robert Lobaugh says:

    My friend Richard Moore told me about The Great Race from Florida to Michigan. Having visited the museum more than once l just wanted to wish you Good Luck from Sterling Heights Michigan.

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