Find Your Niche Custom Apparel Market

Leah from Transfer Express was thrilled to meet Driven Wear owner and Transfer Express customer Chantal Sparrow at the National Clydesdale Sale.

Find Your Niche Custom Apparel Market

Finding a niche custom apparel market where your business can excel is a great goal. I encourage  anyone interested in building a custom garment business to look for customers in niche markets they know and love. When you find your niche custom apparel market, you’ll know it’s right.

It’s a lot of fun when we run into our products unexpectedly, and that’s exactly what happened to Leah from Stahls’ Transfer Express.

She met Transfer Express customer Chantel Sparrow from Driven Wear at The National Clydesdale Sale.

“While shopping in her booth, I saw some artwork that crossed my desk and notice a box of our watermarked transfer paper, so I introduce myself,” retells Leah.

A Happy Transfer Express Customer

According to Leah, “Chantel couldn’t have been more happy with our company and products. She said we are always going above and beyond what we offer.

Easy View Online Designer

First of all, Chantal really likes using the Easy View Online Designer and putting as many Custom Clipart pieces on a page as possible. Therefore, by ganging the images, she gets more bang per sheet. “I don’t mind cutting the transfers apart if it allows me to fit more images on the sheet.”

Secondly, Chantal uses a multitude of Stahls’ products and services. She uses UltraColor Soft transfers from Transfer Express. This allows her to use an unlimited number of colors in her logos.

What niche market can you serve with custom apparel? Driven Wear specializes in draft horses.

The Custom Niche Apparel Market of Draft Horses

Chantal explains they offer designs featuring draft horses–talk about a niche custom apparel market–and on-demand heat press customization.

Printing On Demand While You Wait

According to Chantal, customers choose a blank garment off the rack, select the transfer they want on it, and then the shirt is printed while they wait.

“Customers love getting exactly what they want, while they wait,” says Chantal.  And why not?

Where else can you get a custom draft horse shirt made to order? Thank you for sharing your story Chantal. We wish you the best of luck serving this fantastic niche custom apparel market.

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