Using a Cutter to Create Custom Apparel

Watch how Cap Swag in Berlin, New Jersey plans to expand their custom garment printing capabilities with a cutter and heat transfer vinyl.

The most recent episode of the reality heat printing series Stahls’ TV Blueprint, takes an in-depth look at Cap Swag in Berlin, New Jersey. If you’ve been considering using a cutter to create custom apparel, this is invaluable information. The show tells the story of how Cap Swag has evolved from a strictly licensed goods retailer to more of a hybrid, offering both licensed goods and custom printing. Already a big name on the East coast for licensed caps, with multiple locations in Berlin, Wildwood and Ocean City, owner and president Mohammed Easmael explains their strategy for serving more customers. “I realized there was a big demand for personalization when we had to purchase a second embroidery machine within six months,” mentions Mohammed. Cap Swag began responding to customer demand for custom shirts as well, with the attitude, “we don’t like to say no to people if we can say yes.” But according to Mohammed, “Embroidery hits a ceiling of price efficiency that doesn’t make sense to most customers.” Which is why they expanded their custom garment printing capabilities with a direct to garment printer and a heat press. And now, after meeting with Josh at the Long Beach Imprinted Sportswear Show in January, they decided to purchase a cutter. In this episode, you’ll see how Josh and Bob Robinson help the production team at Cap Swag become operational with their new vinyl cutter investment, as they learn to apply CAD-CUT heat transfer materials. If you want to learn more about the opportunities there are with CAD-CUT heat transfer vinyl, and how to use your cutter to create custom apparel, this episode is worth your time. Plus, you get an in-depth look at a very successful business model. Thanks to everyone at Cap Swag for participating in this episode, and for sharing your experiences.

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