Fairport and Buffalo NY Welcome the Great Race

Thomas and I review the day’s times and create a plan for the next leg.

Today our numbers were a little off due to some miscalculations, we made it to one checkpoint a bit early and another one a bit late. With the Great Race, it’s all about the journey and this journey has been one for the memory books. After leaving Watertown we arrived in Fairport, New York for our lunch stop and were treated to a ride on the Colonial Belle on the Erie Canal. There were thousands of Great Race supporters in town, and we were even served Great Race themed cookies. We are constantly amazed at how much enthusiasm there is for the racers and the Great Race organization. We left for Buffalo wishing we could have stayed and enjoyed the beautiful town of Fairport a bit longer. Upon arriving in Buffalo, we were once again greeted by large crowds, kids who wanted to sit in the cars and have their photos taken and lots of autographs to sign. This all took place outside the Pierce Arrow Museum where visitors were able to come and view the Great Race cars as well as visit this fantastic museum that has some spectacular examples of automotive grace and beauty. We were in classic car heaven. Tomorrow we head out to Franklin, PA for lunch stop and then on to Warren, OH for our evening stop. Before I forget, we also had the chance to chat with GroupeSTAHL customer Tony Guido of JKA Sports in Dunkirk, New York. Thanks for coming out and visiting with us Tony! We are always so glad to see all of you who are able to come out and say hello. This time I was able to get a picture.

Ted and Tony Guido of JKA Sports, a commercial screenprinting, embroidery and custom garment business in Dunkirk, New York. Hope you like the hat!

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