A Busy Great Race Day 5

Mary and I love the town of Kingston and were glad to have our photo taken with the official Town Crier.

After leaving Ottawa, Ontario this morning we rallied towards Kingston, Ontario for lunch. Despite construction on the route, a detour and strange noises coming from the car, we kept going and made it without incident to Kingston. Kingston is one of our favorite towns, Mary and I having visited there several times, but by boat! Once again the crowds and vintage car enthusiasts in Kingston came out in full force. Mary and I took a photo with the Town Crier and had our last meal on Canadian soil.  Then we headed east in order to re-enter the United States, via the Thousand Islands Bridge. So many spectacular ways to travel between these two sister countries. After crossing over the bridge, our next stop was a planned visit to the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton, New York. From there, we made our way to the dinner stop at Watertown, New York. When we have good internet connections at our hotels, I really enjoy reading the Great Race blog, especially this entry, The Ace of Shame. Our team has been doing a pretty good job taking photos, thanks to Thomas, Benjamin and Mary. Don’t forget we added a Flickr feed at the top of the blog for easier photo viewing, and there are once again new photos on TripTracker. After 5 days, we are currently in 44th place, with a time that is 30.78 off a perfect score. The team that is currently in first place is just 1.67 off the perfect score. You are penalized for things like arriving early or late to a check point, and numerous other reasons. At this point we are really glad just to still be driving. Thanks for following and hopefully more of you will be able to come out as we head tomorrow to Fairport, New York for lunch and then we will be shuffling over to Buffalo for the evening.

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  1. Bob McClellan says:

    What time do you expect lunch in Franklin, PA? Will try and be there. Good luck… If you decide you need another nav. next year…I’ll volunteer.

    Remember…”Quid me Vexari”

  2. Ted says:

    The teams usually roll in for lunch around 11:30 -12:00 would be great to see you! Of course who could forget Quid Me Vexari? Also my motto for this race it seems! Let’s touch base.

  3. Dick & Joan says:

    We have been following your progress daily and are glad your Packard id still holding up. The temperature for the next few days can really be a hot weather test for the cars and passengers. Good luck to you on the remainder of your journey.

  4. Blair says:

    So are you ahead or behind the timing? Still running the old water pump or did you switch it out?
    No worries,

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