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Steven Jackson of GroupeSTAHL shared his feedback on the February “Power Boost” bonus he received in the recent Dbusiness Annual 2018 article. “I wanted to reach out and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the generosity you have shown all of us. As I am sure you know, I spent twenty years of my life in the US Navy. It provided much more than a job for me. The camaraderie, esprit de corps and feeling of family was something that I truly valued. When I retired from the Navy, I was worried that no job would ever give me that same feeling or sense of worth to an organization. STAHLS’ has been exactly that. I am constantly taken back by the way so many that work here are connected not as coworkers or even friends but rather as a family. This kind of culture does not just happen, it is developed from the values demonstrated on a daily basis from you and the leaders that have been cultivated here at STAHLS’. I am honored to be a part of this company and more importantly, the Stahl family.”

You may remember that in early February, my wife Mary and I announced that GroupeSTAHL would be providing about 1500 U.S. employees, including those in full-time and part-time positions, as well as student interns, with a one-time “Power Boost Bonus.”  Originally, we had planned a $1200 bonus for the majority of our US full-time employees with us over 90 days, as well as smaller bonuses for temporary employees and those with us less than 90 days. This $1200 amount was a pre-tax number. When Mary and I learned that all payments made to employees that are above and beyond normal pay rates must be taxed at 22%, we wanted the bonuses to put more actual cash in their hands. We wanted each qualified recipient to receive the amount of $1,000. In order to make this happen we had to up the actual bonus for full time team members to approximately $1500.

Since the bonuses were distributed, we have received a lot of positive feedback from so many of you. Thank you for taking the time to share your stories. Today, there was even an article in the DBusiness Annual 2018. The article shares a story from Steven Jackson, who is a business operations manager in St. Clair Shores. Many other people also shared their feedback, here are a few more stories from GroupeSTAHL team members.

Mary Gaglio, a customer service manager at STAHLS’ headquarters in Sterling Heights, said, “Working with STAHLS’ for 34 years, I was extremely touched by Ted and Mary Stahl’s generosity. This extraordinary act of kindness had a tremendous positive impact on the customer service team at STAHLS’. Some representatives had tears in their eyes when they received the check. Not only is STAHLS’ a customer driven company but a business that invests in their employees.”

In a letter to the Stahl family, Reid Tomlinson, who has been with STAHLS’ Hotronix based in Carmichaels, Pennsylvania, for nine months, said, “I’ve loved this job from the day that I began. There aren’t many companies that truly value and care about their employees, in my experience. Receiving a bonus isn’t something that I ever expected, but it goes to show the appreciation that is held for the employees here. On top of that, I have been granted the ability to catch up on bills and stock the fridge!”

Jodie Edgar, a single mother said, “I would like to thank STAHLS’ for the bonus check they provided to me and my family. It meant a lot to me to and that little bit of extra money gave my daughters and me a mommy-daughter day.”

In a letter to the Stahl family, Erin Ammesmaki, an admin at STAHLS’ Manufacturing & Engineering Center in Chandler, Arizona, said, “I was happily surprised with the bonus and thought it was awesome! Because of it, I was able to attend a close friend’s funeral, which took place out of town. I love how STAHLS’ really looks out for their employees and thinks about sharing their good fortune with us.”

Kody Kear, a print team leader at STAHLS’ Transfer Express West, also located in Chandler, Arizona, said, “When I first started at STAHLS’, I only had $1 in my pocket. I have just started working for this company and have already received two bonuses.”

Tim Barnes from STAHLS’ Texas located in Dallas, said, “[The bonus] came at a good time and helped my wife and I pay for our automobile insurance. We have a 17 year old daughter that is driving now so our insurance is really expensive and this bonus really helped us out.”

Mary and I are very thankful for everyone that took the time to write a note or share a story. We are truly thankful for all of you and we wish everyone a very joyous Easter holiday.

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