Fire On Ice–Proof that Heat Rises and a Heat Press Lesson

My wife Mary and I proving the scientific theory that heat rises while watching a bonfire we built on the solid ice outside our home.

Yes, those are boat docks in the background and this is how this whole thing got started. We were doing some repairs to the docks, much easier when you have solid ice to stand on, and we had some leftover wood we needed to get rid of. A good friend said that it’s no problem to build a fire on the ice,  ice fishermen do it all the time. It made sense to me, since one of the most basic scientific theories around is “heat rises.” The ice barely melted below this big blaze. Which brings me to another point (you knew I would try to tie this into heat printing somehow, didn’t you?)–the same thing happens when you use a heat press. Which is why we always recommend that you preheat the BOTTOM platen of your heat press before print

ing your first transfer or lettering application of the day. Sure, the upper platen may be good and hot, but it’s important to have the lower

Repairing a boat dock is much easier in the winter, when you can stand on solid ice where there is usually water.

platen as warmed up as possible as well. This occurs naturally after doing a series of applications, but unless you purposely preheat the bottom platen at the start of your day, you might have problems with your first application.  Preheat the lower platen–it’s a tip that could save a t-shirt, especially your first shirt of the day.

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