More heat printing predictions from the front line

Our most famous marketing flyer from back in the 1980's...93 Reasons To Call Stahls' and Smiles You Can Hear Through the Phone!

It seems I mistakenly attributed comments to the wrong person in one of my last postings, so my apologies to Sue Burgess and Cyndi Mills for the mix up.  I have corrected the blog posting and given credit where credit is due! Here are a few more comments on the state of the industry from the front line (that would be the customer service reps at Stahls’ ID Direct and Transfer Express) And in case you’re wondering, yes, that is our most famous ever marketing piece that was creating back in 1987 or 1988…featuring 93 Reasons to Call Stahls’. We still get requests from people who want to speak with a specific person listed in the flyer…The funny thing is…many of them do still work with us!

Here are some more predictions from customer service at Stahls’ ID Direct:

Jackie Woodside

My prediction is that this will be a positive year.  I am already noticing a difference in confidence in our customers.

Shelly Hartwell

My predictions for 2010 are based on conversations with customers & trends I’ve seen in the industry.  Customers want less inventory and are ordering product as needed.  Our ability to promise same day shipping until late into the afternoon for yardage has created a wonderful response from customers.

They are trying to offer innovative and unique products and are asking us to supply it to them.  The washed out, frayed and grunge look is certainly everywhere in the larger mass market and they can create this look with heat printing.

Darcie Tupperstraub

What I get from customers is that everyone is trying to do 3 things at once, so speed is of most importance to them.

Karen Mattox:

A trend I have seen is a HUGE jump in requests for full color digital Custom Cad Printz designs.

Daisy Hatcher

There are a lot of people out there that are starting their own businesses and finding that heat printing is the way to go.

Suzette Glover

  • No Sew/Faux Sew fabrics for letters/numbers and graphics
  • Reflective products: appliqué and heat-seal
  • Textured materials –  “visual” textures and interesting finishes
  • All things digital: multicolor, easy to apply (one step heat applied) graphics – If it can’t be cut then it should be printed!!

Yolanda Merrill

  • Reflective Twill
  • Fringed Twill to replicate (Aeropostale & Abercrombie & Fitch)

Danielle Petroskey

I was amazed how many people were interested in Thermo-Flock at the Long Beach ISS show. Many people thought it was something new! They loved the samples we had on terry cloth towels.

Mixing medias (for ex: Poly-Twill and THermo-Film) was a hot topic as well.

I hope I got everyone’s comments attributed correctly this time…If not I’m sure I’ll hear about it! Thanks again for everyone who contributed and for taking the time to share them with all of us.

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