Free Artwork Samples to Download

Download this free Photoframe sample from Great Dane Graphics. All you have to do is add a photo and you have an amazing piece of full color artwork in minutes.

We’ve mentioned this many times before, but since it remains a universal truth in garment decoration, I don’t hesitate to mention it again–getting the artwork right is usually the biggest challenge most garment decorators face. If this is true for you, I have recently mentioned several “easier artwork” alternatives on this blog, which included, Transfer Express Easy Prints,, and There is also another great resource for artists out there, Great Dane Graphics. Great Dane offers stock art files, full color clip art, art for digital garment decoration and more. It’s designed by expert artists that understand full color garment printing. Your customers will love this modern, full color approach to team mascots, corporate looks and small businesses. If you are interested in trying Great Dane images but aren’t sure what you will get, they have made several pieces of art available for FREE downloading.    Just click here and follow the directions.

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