Connected Script Connects in Denmark

Seeing this rendition of Stahls’ Connected Script on a menu board in Denmark made me recall the development of our world-famous athletic script.

We were pretty surprised to see a very keen likeness of Stahls’ Connected Script being used in a restaurant in Denmark. When someone uses a font you created, it means they must think it’s good. I remember a time when not everyone thought our script was worthy of copying. It brought back many memories. You may not realize this, but most of Stahls’ fonts are original works of art, each letter painstakingly hand drawn and configured to look a certain way. When it came to our connecting script, it was especially difficult to make sure the decorator could confidently arrange script die-cut letters to look like a custom cut word. This was back in the days before custom cutting with computerized blade, laser or even our revolutionary water-jet cutting. Even when cutting with a machine, the font still had to be engineered so that the letters would easily and attractively connect to each other. Not an easy task. I remember taking a lot of flak about the way our “j’s”, “g’s” and “i’s” looked. Nobody liked them. But the design was necessary to ensure ease of use and consistency in the script. Today, the classic Stahls’ script prevails as one of the most popular athletic lettering looks in the world. And it doesn’t look bad on a Danish menu board either!

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