Full Color Logos for Sports

Check out the full color logos on the soccer uniforms featured on the cover of Impressions special supplement Team and Spirit Apparel!

More and more teams around the country are using full color logos on their sports jerseys. Why? Because they CAN! Now that it’s easier than ever to apply full color logos on all types of fabrics, more and more teams are realizing that they can take their logos where they never dared to go before… In this fall supplement published by Impressions Magazine, you can learn how new equipment and technology are making it possible to decorate team uniforms that have more colors, a lighter hand and more fashion-forward designs. It’s true and guess what…those are CAD-PRINTZ full color transfers on the soccer uniforms pictured on the cover.  I will be showing you more CAD-PRINTZ ideas this week, because I am seeing some truly amazing artwork come through our digital decorating services division and I think you all need to see what is going on.

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