Heat Press FAQ’s Answered

If you can't attend a trade show to see heat presses in action, there are plenty of Hotronix videos online that you can watch.

Do you have questions about using your heat press? We have the answers and please don’t ever be shy about asking. What is it they say? The only stupid question is the one you don’t ask? Or something like that.  Cara Cherry of Stahls’ ID Direct answered some of the most popular questions about heat presses in an article published on Sept 24 by Impressions Magazine. Some of the questions included: Do I have to use a cover sheet? How do I clean my heat press? How do I print items with zippers? And more…but of course my all time favorite is the “Why do I need a heat press, can’t I just use an iron?” Cara does a great job of answering this question very diplomatically. But honestly, if you have to ask that question, you might want to ask yourself first, “Are you really serious about being in the t-shirt business?”  The video below might answer a few more of your questions about heat presses. And please don’t hesitate to call Stahls’ ID Direct if you can’t find the answer to your question online. Even if it is about using a a home iron. I promise they will be nice.

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  1. nancy eckerson-johnson says:

    I need to put a heat transfer on a 100% oxford nylon, 210 denier backpack for a track and field team….is this possible without ruining the backpack..thank you for your time..

  2. Ted says:

    It depends where on the backpack you need to apply the logo. You might need to use a silicone pad to raise certain areas or if you have a smaller platent that allows you to put the backpack over the platen, that can work. Our reps at Stahls’ ID Direct can tell you the best way to get the heat transfer you need, it depends on the artwork and the size of the logo, so please call them at 800.478.2457 and they will help you find the heat transfer material that will work best for your specific job. Thanks for the questiona and thanks for reading!

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