Time for Fall Colors

Fall colors in Grayling, Michigan

In most parts of the country the time for the most stunning fall colors arrives in the first or second week of October, which is upon us. I’m sure many of you are already experiencing the beauty of some of nature’s most rewarding colors right now. I had the chance to see some of Northern Michigan’s finest when I drove with my mother Ricki Stahl up to Grayling, Michigan last week.  Ricki loves the Grayling area and the meandering Au Sable River that flows through the area is known as a great canoeing destination. On the drive up I always pass Sylvester’s , which is the local destination for all things

Sylvester's new sign in Grayling, Michigan, taken Sept 2010

 personalized, and I noticed that this year they have a brand new sign. I was glad to see that they are doing well and it looks like they have expanded their services. Congratulations on the new sign guys! I have blogged about this store in the past, because they are a good example of a personalization business that understands the importance of offering more than one type of decorating. They offer screen printing, embroidery, vinyl letters, trophies, awards and engraving. Sylvester’s Sports is located at 5610 M-72 West Grayling, MI 49738. Their phone number is (989)384-9097. They don’t really have a website, more of just a web page, but it shows

Sylvester's old sign, photo taken in 2009

customers what types of items they have available for personalization. Here’s a photo of their old sign.  I think the new, more colorful sign makes a much better impression, and it is situated higher up, giving it greater visibility from a farther distance.  Most things look better in full color, which could lead me to talk about full color transfers, (just about everything can be related back to heat printing it seems) but I’ll just stick to nature’s interpretation of full color for this posting.  Here’s wishing you a beautiful autumn, wherever you might be. I hope you can get out and enjoy the show.

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