Giving Back to Team Members

On behalf of Mary, myself and the entire Stahl family, we are honored to be able to present a bonus resulting from tax reform laws to our US team members.

Mary and I are thrilled and proud to announce that GroupeSTAHL will be paying bonuses to over 1,200 U.S. full-time and temporary employees. Smaller bonuses will be awarded to temporary U.S. employees, as well as full-time and temporary team members with less than 90 days employment. When this unique opportunity became available as a result of the new tax laws, our first thoughts were to invest back in our people and show our appreciation to our staff members. Your hard work and dedication to our customers is the foundation of our success. Having grown up in the company with experience at just about every job—from machine repair person to shipping to customer service—we have tremendous respect for the hard work that goes into making our customers happy. There is a lot of paperwork involved in getting the bonuses distributed but we are working to get them out as soon as possible. Your managers will have more information. In the meanwhile, please share this good news with your families and please know that we are sincerely grateful for all our team members.




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  1. Mary B says:

    Thank you very much Ted and Mary Stahl! It is truly a pleasure to work for Stahls’. We appreciate all that you provide for us and our families.

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