Got Any Old Gretzky Jerseys?

Grey Flannel Auctions has a 1989-1990 Wayne Gretzky, a.k.a. The Great One, jersey up on the auction block. Bidding is over $11,000 as of this posting.

The Los Angeles Kings played a record-tying 14 playoff games to reach its first Stanley Cup final since 1993, ending in a game-five win over Phoenix. They are waiting to see who they will play in the Stanley Cup. In the Eastern Conference, the Devils and the Rangers are still battling it out. We’ll see who comes out on top. Game 5 is starting soon. If you’re interested in sports  memorabilia, Grey Flannel Auctions has a wonderful collection of items from all sport genres. Bidding ends May 30th, so take a look at their online catalog if you are interested. It’s fun just to window shop.

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