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Jason Murphy was the lucky recipient of a door prize at the recent NSGA Management Conference which entitled him to have a pair of New Balance running shoes custom made to his specifications. Note the Groupe Stahl customization on the heels. Nice touch Jason!

Jason was able to choose all the elements, from the shoelaces to the color to the style, of his custom, Made in the USA, New Balance Custom 574's.

We’ve talked about on-demand customization a lot when it comes to t-shirts, replica jerseys and many other wearables. It’s your business after all. Today’s consumers know what they want and they are gravitating to companies that know how to deliver completely custom products. Like yours! But outside the realm of heat printing, there are other wearables you can have made to order. For example, did you know you can custom order your running shoes and have them made exactly the way you want them? In the USA? New Balance  specializes in offering this service and it is very successful. New Balance President and CEO Robert DeMartini spoke about the trend towards on demand personalization in the shoe industry.  His keynote speech at the recent NSGA Management conference focused on New Balance’s longstanding commitment to providing American manufacturing jobs. He stated that the company will continue to fight challenges and promote the impact that the Buy American movement has on the U.S. economy. From one USA-based manufacturer to another, we applaud this effort. And as we head into the Memorial Day weekend, we salute and remember all those who have given the ultimate sacrifice to uphold the values Americans treasure. To all the men and women serving in our miltary today, thank you. Have a safe and wonderful weekend everyone. God Bless America.

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