Great Race 2017 Day 4: French Lick to Franklin

Dan and Brett in the 1941 Packard leaving French Lick, Indiana after the lunch stop on Tuesday.

We’re on the road again! But this time in the support vehicle. Mary and I have officially turned the GTO over to Kevin and Dom, who are making great times. We are still meeting the racers at each stop and overnight. After leaving Bowling Green Tuesday morning, we headed into Indiana. Today we stopped for lunch in French Lick, Indiana. We all couldn’t help but chuckle over the name of this very quaint, picturesque town. According to the internet, French Lick was originally a French trading post built near bubbling mineral springs and a salt lick, which is where it most likely got its unusual name. Today it is home to just about 1,800 residents. Sulphur hot springs aside, it is probably best known as the hometown of basketball legend Larry Bird. Ironically, we had a German lunch in French Lick. The German Cafe served us very delicious bratwurst with some of the best sauerkraut I’ve ever tasted. After leaving French Lick, we headed on to Franklin, Indiana. Franklin was founded in 1823 and has many beautiful Victorian buildings lining the streets and a traditional main street. It was the perfect backdrop for all the Great Race vehicles. We still have a lot of fun greeting all the car enthusiasts who come out to see the cars and visit with the Great Racers. Trevor and Josh earned “only” one ace today, prompting Josh to quip, “not our best day.” But we beg to differ. Any day that you get to be out and about enjoying life is a good day. We are thankful to be here with our family and our extended Great Race family.

Heading into Indiana.

Reviewing the course instructions and planning a strategy. An important part of rallying is reading the directions. Very carefully.

It’s best not to interrupt the navigators when they are reviewing the instructions.

Waiting for the cars to arrive in French Lick for lunch.

We really enjoyed our lunch at the German Cafe.

Kevin and Dom arrive in the GTO…now where’s that bratwurst?

The Great Race wouldn’t be possible without the Green Team, all the volunteers wearing green shirts!

Welcome to French Lick!

The Stars and Stripes rolls into town.

Arriving in Franklin, Indiana and enjoying some beautiful architecture. Always a joy to discover new places in this amazing country of ours.

Look at the crowds of people in Franklin who have come out to see the Great Racers.

Another beautiful building in Franklin.

Congratulations to David Reeder and his wife on their 58th anniversary, which was recognized by the Great Race family in Franklin.

Jennie and Chad taking their 1931 Auburn Boattail Speedster for a spin around the Corvette test track in Bowling Green. This car is a head-turner.

Another fan favorite is car 46, a 1966 Dodge Coronet, is also known as, you guessed it, The Blues Brothers mobile.

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