Chattanooga-Bowling Green Day 3

Congratulations to Trevor and Josh for winning Stage 3 of the Great Race 2017. Plaque presented in Bowling Green.

June 26, 2017–Day 3 of the Great Race 2017
Leaving Chattanooga this morning we had to make the decision to allow Kevin and Dom to drive the GTO. We have been unable to repair the 1934 Ford Phaeton and it is being sent home in a trailer truck. Chattanooga is as far as she will go. It’s always bittersweet when a car has to drop out of the race for mechanical reasons. Thanks to everyone who helped us with the car and thanks to the very understanding Great Race support staff. Mary and I stayed behind to oversee the transport and to allow Kevin and Dom to experience a full day of rallying without a break down. It was a good day for all the teams once again. Not only did Trevor and Josh achieve two more aces, they were the overall winners of Day Three and received a special plaque. You can see footage from Dan and Brett and the other cars on the Spirit of Stahls Facebook page.

Kevin and Dom are underway in the GTO.

Car 97, the 1934 Ford Phaeton, is leaving the Great Race 2017 in a trailer truck. Unfortunately the sign came true too many times.

Dan, navigator for the 1941 Packard, is reviewing the course for the day.

No one ever said the Great Race was easy.

Time to bid adieu to the 1934 Ford

Magic Dave just couldn’t work his magic on the Ford this time.

At least it can say it made it to Chattanooga under its own power.

The Stars and Stripes getting ready to leave Chattanooga for Murfreesburo.

Getting things squared away before leaving Chattanooga.

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