Day Two Great Race 2017

Today Mary and I had the honor of following last year’s winners of the Great Race, G.R. Pike and Bobby Hadskey. We are assigned a different start order each day.

We made it to Chattanooga, Tennessee after a lunch stop in Newnan, Georgia. While it may not look like a long distance on paper, with a straight line between the cities, keep in mind that we are traveling rural and scenic roads and have to do a lot of traversing. We covered a lot of ground today. And even though were able to get the 1934 Ford up and running this morning, it broke down again and may have to call it quits for this race. Kevin and Dom will be piloting the GTO tomorrow. On the bright side, Trevor and Josh earned two more aces, as did Dan and Brett. Dan and Brett were stopped by a train but still made good time. It’s great to see all the car enthusiasts that come out to witness this amazing parade of antique vehicles. Many stop and take photos of not only the cars, but also of the drivers and navigators. Trevor was selected to be interviewed on local television. It’s really wonderful to meet and greet people in each town, especially the younger kids who are so thrilled when we hand them a postcard that features our cars and Spirit of Stahls teams.

Trevor being interviewed for a local station in Chattanooga.

We made it to Chattanooga, where thousands of car enthusiasts lined the streets.

We love the name of this restaurant in Newnan, Georgia where we had a delicious lunch stop.

Lunch stop in Newnan, Georgia.

Two more aces for Trevor and Josh. This is what the daily time sheet looks like.

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