Great Race 2017 Day 1

Group shot of all the Spirit of Stahls teams, ready to start the Great Race 2017

We left Jacksonville this morning with crowds of well-wishers lining the streets, under sunny skies. We are headed to Tifton, Georgia for our first overnight stop. Thanks to everyone in Jacksonville that came out to support us. It really means a lot to us and it’s a lot of fun to meet car enthusiasts of all ages. We are also grateful for our family and friends who are not here but are with us in spirit. We are off! Update: We all arrived in Tifton but the 1934 Ford did so on the back of a trailer. Problems with the radiator once again. We are working on it now. On the bright side, Trevor and Josh earned three Aces and Dan and Brett earned two!

One last cheer and support circle before we head to our respective cars.

Car 97 with Kevin and Dom is ready to roll out of Jacksonville.

Our grandson William is tagging along in car 17 with his dad and uncle.

The Packard has never looked better. Ready for her 7th Great Race!

There’s the lineup heading for the arch that will put us on the road to our overnight stop in Tifton, Georgia.

Pretty sure that is Josh Hull incognito with Trevor Stahl, ready to start.

The Stars and Stripes is ready to hit the highway.

And there they go! The Stars and Stripes at the starting line.

The 1934 Ford Phaeton is in line, waiting for the start.

If there’s not a t-shirt, is it really an event?

All kinds of folks coming out to support the Great Racers.

This car is not in the Great Race but it is definitely interesting.

It was a long night getting the cars prepped for the start. A team support member catching a few well deserved z’s.

Brett applies two Aces for two perfect sections on the trip to Tifton today.

Brett and Dan make a great team. So great that William can experience the trip from the back seat.

Congrats on the two aces from today’s segment.

Congrats to Trevor and Josh Hull on earning three aces and being only 8 seconds off the total time. What an achievement.

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