Meanwhile, Back at the NHL Draft

Not exactly sure what happened to these name plates during the recent NHL Draft. Stahls’ was not present or involved with the event.

Since we are all big hockey fans, we had one eye on the NHL Draft, the first round taking place on Friday. As many of you know, for the past six years a team from Stahls’ DFC has been behind the scenes at the NFL Draft. We know how much hard work and preparation goes into heat printing jerseys for players within minutes of appearing on stage. It’s a pressure filled environment that requires professional heat printing knowledge. However we didn’t provide this service for the NHL Draft. We just wanted to let everyone know this because we noticed a few jersey mishaps (things happen) and we wanted to be sure you knew it wasn’t us. Maybe nobody else noticed. Good luck to all the new draftees!

Still wondering what happened here. Not on Stahls’ watch.


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