Great Race 2019 To Finish is to Win


To finish is to win! We are grateful to announce that all Spirit of Stahls teams made it over the finish line in Tacoma this year!

To finish is to win is one mantra of the Great Race. We are grateful and happy that all the Spirit of Stahls’ teams made it over the finish line this year. And a very special congratulations to our Great Race friends, the father and son team of Doug and Howard Sharp who have now won their 3rd Great Race championship.  We are very happy for you both and proud to know you. The last leg of the Great Race 2019 was extremely challenging and consisted of 29 pages of instructions, and many of the teams had to deal with traffic generated from a circus which happened to be in town. It truly was a circus getting through to all the checkpoints for most of us! But that’s all part of the Great Race and it’s what we love about it. You just never know who will prevail until the last day, the last run. To see everyone’s final scores and placements, you can view the entire list on the Great Race website. What a rally it has been this year, we are leaving with so many memories and stories. One of the best things about the end of this race was the opportunity to spend time with family and Great Race friends. We were also so glad to be able to visit the LeMay Family Collection in Spanaway on Saturday evening and then end up at the fabulous LeMay America’s Museum in Tacoma on Sunday. We are so lucky to be able to explore these extensive collections of automobiles and memorabilia. We could easily spend a few days here. But now the awards ceremony is over and it’s time for us all to head back to our “normal” lives. Thank you to everyone who followed along, you are also an important part of our Great Race family. If you would like to see the video shown at the awards ceremony which gives a great re-cap on the last 10 days or so, here is the link. 

Excellent finish for Dan and Brad Phillips in the 1916 Hudson, shown crossing the finish line in Tacoma.

Congratulations to the team of Stahl and Sons! Great job today on this challenging part of the race.

Marty and Erin, you made it! Congratulations on finishing the Great Race 2019.

Erin and Marty celebrating the finish of the Great Race 2019 in Tacoma, Washington.

Congratulations to Josh and Trevor! You will be back stronger than ever next year.

Our friends Doug and Howard Sharp are the Grand Champions of the Great Race 2019!

The Stars and Stripes team continues to improve and is getting closer and closer to a big win. (Photo Day 8 Courtesy Great Race)

Dan and Brad Phillips did a fantastic job with the 1916 Hudson this year. (Photo Day 8 Courtesy Great Race)

Mary and I are extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to finish our 8th Great Race. (Photo Day 8 Courtesy Great Race)

The mind-boggling LeMay Family Collection in Spanaway, WA should be on the bucket list for any automobile enthusiast.

We are officially blown away by the depth and breadth of this collection.

So many beautiful automobiles, so little time to enjoy them.

The Great Race 2019 Awards Banquet. Congratulations to all the award winners.

And that’s a wrap for 2019! 2300 miles in 9 days. Can’t wait to find out the route for next year.

The cars are ready to be transported back home to Michigan. Day is done!

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