Great Race 2022 Days 3 and 4

After no brakes this morning and having to MacGyver the car so they could race, Trevor and Josh won Stage 3 of the Great Race 2022 with the top score of 1.6 sec from perfect and 4 “Aces”. This places them in first for the time being. There’s still a long race to go. You can check the daily results at

Great Race 2022 Days 3 and 4

Day 3–A Banner Day for Josh and Trevor

On Monday June 20th we left Binghamton, New York, driving on first on the interstate an then hitting the smaller back roads of Southern New York. A quick stop in Montour Falls, New York for a waterfall view from the Main Street. We also had the fantastic opportunity to take a lap at the Glen. the historic Watkins Glen race course. Our lunch stop was at Alfred State College in Wellsville, New York.

Beautiful views of a waterfall from Main Street in Montour Falls.

We continue to be humbled by the number of car enthusiasts who gather as we cruise into towns. From Wellsville we headed towards Erie, Pennsylvania, with many tough hills and beautiful vistas along the way. Pennsylvania is the fourth state in this year’s Great Race and the crowds continue to grow. We were thrilled to learn that Josh Hull and Trevor Stahl were awarded the daily victory with a score of 1.62 seconds. Impressive not only because there are 130 cars participating, but it is also one of the lowest daily scores in the history of the event! Congratulations to Josh and Trevor. We are very excited for this achievement.

Beautiful downtown Erie, PA and the Warner Theater.

Great Race 2022 Day 4

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Today, June 21st, is the longest day of the year and the official start of summer. We sure felt those summer temperatures today, some in the 100’s!  Keep in mind that most of the vehicles participating in the Great Race do not have air conditioning. In fact, many don’t even have roofs! So the hot sun can be pretty brutal for the drivers and navigators. But the scenery along the way makes it worth it.

This morning we left Erie, PA and headed to Medina, Ohio. It’s always thrilling to cross covered bridges and experience what life must’ve been like when cars drove slower. The small towns along the way are truly bursting with Americana, covered porches, people on lawn chairs in the front yard, everyone waving and cheering us on. It’s truly a lot of fun to see everyone. We never get tired of waving back. Our lunch stop was in an old church and it was beautiful and peaceful.

From Medina we made our way to Perrysburg, Ohio for our evening stop. We are waiting to see if Trevor and Josh are holding the lead. You can check the daily and cumulative results on the Great Race website. All the Stahls’ teams are doing really well and we’re very proud of everyone.


The team that tamed Stage 4’s challenges was Jody Knowles and Beth Gentry, with a score of 6.48 seconds. It was actually a tie for top spot between Knowles/Gentry and  Hull/Stahl with Knowles/Gentry winning the tie breaker.

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  1. Mark Ellul says:

    Dear Team Stahl,
    We are all Rooting for your Success, Safety, well being with the Convertables Cars and Weather varibles.
    Nice to know Trevor is setting records and Stahls History as well!
    Lunch at a Church does sound peaceful, I’ll have to try that sometime!
    Keeping you all in my prayers,

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