Great Race 2022 Days 5 and 6

Thumbs up from Mary Stahl as we head towards Plainfield, Illinois on Day 5 of the Great Race 2022. For more great photos visit

Great Race 2022 Days 5 and 6

Rally, repair, repeat is the mantra of many Great Racers. This year we are glad to have an extra set of competent hands around, grandson Noah Stahl. He’s been helping our technician Magic Dave and all Team Stahl vehicles with repairs way into the night. Last night he helped separate exhaust manifolds on a supercharged Packard and assisted Trevor and Josh with the 1932 Ford Speedster tail light rewiring. The 1916 Hudson required a quart of VR-1. Noah is also participating in the Great Race with his father Brett Stahl.

Rally, Repair, Repeat. Noah Stahl is doing a great job!

Nothing to it! Thanks Noah Stahl for helping with the rewiring on the Stars and Stripes.

Day 5 South Bend, Indiana and Plainfield, Illinois

We left Perrysburg, Ohio heading west towards South Bend, Indiana. The Spirit of Stahls’ teams are getting better and better at dealing with multiple stops, intersections and all the details involved in staying within time parameters. Remember, this is not really a race. It’s a timed rally and we have very specific instructions to follow each day.  We eventually arrived in South Bend, Indiana for the lunch stop at the Studebaker National Museum.

About the Studebaker Museum

The museum was fantastic. Their mission, very similar to the mission at the Stahls’ Automotive Collection Foundation, is as follows:

To be the center for education, preservation, and interpretation of design and innovation.  This is accomplished through programming, active collecting, and the display of vehicles, archives, and artifacts that showcase the local and global influence of Studebaker and related industrial innovators.

Here’s some more info about the museum. We love these stops and learning more about automotive history every chance we can get.

The Studebaker National Museum is devoted to sharing the story of the automotive and industrial history of South Bend and the greater region through the display and interpretation of Studebaker vehicles along with related industrial artifacts. The Collection also includes seven objects designated as “National Treasures” including the carriage Abraham Lincoln rode to Ford’s Theatre the night of his assassination, and a carriage used by the Marquis de Lafayette during his farewell tour of United States in 1824.

New Time Zone

Entering into the Central Time Zone meant we had a shorter afternoon route. Although there was plenty of farmland, we also ran into challenges with more urban traffic (we were about an hour away from the Chicago area) after we were off the clock. Construction zones and rush hour traffic isn’t much fun, but arriving in Plainfield made it all worth it. Once again there were thousands of people packing the streets to greet the cars as they rolled into town. And even though Josh and Trevor didn’t win the day, that honor went to Jeff and Kylie Hermanson with a score of 5.07 seconds, they are still are the overall lead heading into Stage 6.

Stage 5 Achievement for Dan and Brad

Congratulations on coming in first in your division on Day 5 of the Great Race!

Dan Stahl and Brad Phillips, who are part of the Stahls’ team had a banner day on day 5. Here’s what Brad Phillips had to report on his Facebook Page.

Huge day on Great Race in the Stahls Automotive Foundation and RM Sotheby’s 1916 Hudson racer! We had our 3rd Ace of the event, and a total score of eight seconds from Erie, PA to Plainfield IL, good enough to win 1st in our division, 3rd overall for the day, and set us up in 15th place for the entire event so far, out of 120-ish teams still in the race. We are just over the halfway mark to Fargo- grab more updates at, and we are on our way to the land of Cheese Curds at first light!

Congratulations on winning first in your division on Stage 5 Dan and Brad!

Congratulations on winning your division on Day 5 of the Great Race 2022

Day 6 Sun Prairie Wisconsin and Wisconsin Dells

Today for our lunch stop we visited in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin and had a visit at the Angell Park Speedway. Angell Park Speedway has a 1/3 mile dirt racetrack, which has been run by the city’s fire department since 1903. Racing occurs every Sunday approximately Memorial Day until Labor Day.

Dinner and overnight tonight at the Chula Vista Resort in the Wisconsin Dells. If you’ve ever been to the Dells you know what a unique place it is. It’s an internationally known destination and there’s a lot of water! It’s supposedly home to more waterparks than anyplace else. We believe it. This place has a lot to see and do. Unfortunately we can’t stay longer.

Tomorrow we will hit the road on our journey, heading north to Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin for the lunch stop and then into Duluth, Minnesota. Just two more days until we reach Fargo!

Congratulations again to Dan Stahl and Brad Phillips for earning another ACE for the Hudson.

Dan and Brad earn another ACE on Day 6 of the Great Race 2022.

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