Great Race Day 7 Bend, OR to Vancouver, WA

Waiting to roll into Hood River.

We’re in the final stretch of the Great Race 2019, an antique road rally with over 100 competitors. In case you’re wondering, all the cars that participate in the Great Race must be an automobile built in 1974 or earlier. If you want to see more photos of the cars or check on standings or scores, visit the Great Race website. (Here’s another article we found that has great photos from the start of the race) They have some really fantastic photographs from the route, which has been nothing short of spectacular this year. We don’t often get to drive these old cars any time of the year when there could be snow and the snow covered roads have made for some beautiful backdrops. This morning it was still chilly as we headed out of Bend, Oregon, but it warmed up by the time we reached our lunch stop in Hood River. Another warm and original welcome in Hood River and we really enjoyed the opportunity to visit the Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum or WAAAM. You don’t often see a collection like the one they have on display there, not only planes and cars but also motorcycles, jeeps and tractors. We like their motto, that the collection is not only full of history, it’s full of life! That’s how we feel about the Stahls Automotive Collection. Making history come alive is so important. After lunch, we hit the road again, enjoying views of the Columbia River and Mt. Hood on the way to Vancouver. Tonight we will visit the Hazel Dell branch of the WAAAM, which means the opportunity to see even more vintage engines.

Rolling into the Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum in Hood River, Oregon on Day 7 for our lunch stop.

The Stars and Stripes arrives in Hood River.

The Packard arriving at the WAAAM in Hood River.

Great photo from earlier in the race: William Stahl cleans the 1941 Packard 120 Coupe convertible before the start of the 2019 Hemmings Motor News Great Race in Downtown Riverside on Saturday June 22, 2019. (Photo by Milka Soko, Contributing Photographer)

Beautiful antique aeroplanes

Aeroplanes and automobiles on display in Hood River, OR.

Inside the WAAAM

Not only was the weather beautiful, the Western Antique Aero Plane & Automobile Museum has an amazing collection of vintage cars, motorcycles and airplanes. Fantastic lunch stop.

Driving along the majestic Columbia River

Along the Columbia River

Mt. Hood in the distance

Waiting for the start this morning we had a police escort. No worries, no one was arrested.

Funny side story….originally driving a 1913 Cadillac, Team WTF (Wandering Troubadours of Finland) blew up their engine. Instead of quitting the race, they showed up in the overnight replacement- a 300SD Mercedes they cut the top off of with a saw. Talk about a never give up attitude! Note the cylinder rod strapped to the hood. They say they wanted to bring the original car across the finish line with them.

Here’s the original car: Team 30 Wandering Troubadours of Finland, a 1913 Cadillac Roadster driven by Jerome Reinan (from Otter Tail, Minnesota) and navigator Chris Brungardt (from Blanchard, North Dakota) start the 2019 Hemmings Motor News Great Race in Downtown Riverside on Saturday June 22, 2019. (Photo by Milka Soko, Contributing Photographer)

We don’t have many opportunities to drive this car and see snow.

Beautiful Hood River Oregon hosted our lunch stop on Day 7.

More beautiful scenery along the way to Vancouver, Washington.

Sunny skies in Vancouver upon our arrival.

Great crowds welcoming us in Vancouver at the end of Day 7

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