Great Race: Spirit of Stahls’ Wins Stage 6

On the way to Bend, Oregon the scenery was just breathtaking. Stars and Stripes overlooking Crater Lake.

It’s day 6 of the Great Race 2019 and the five Spirit of Stahls’ teams are all still rolling along. The wet and rainy weather we experienced yesterday on our way to Grants Pass has evolved into even stranger weather…sleet and snow lined roads! The journey to our lunch spot at Crater Lake gave us some of the most spectacular views and scenery, a winter-wonderland at the end of June. Even the park’s website warns that snow can linger and roads can be closed in May and June. It was one of those years. Although the roads were open, there was still a lot of snow to be seen. Arriving into Bend the weather was a bit friendlier and about 2o degrees warmer but we could still see snow covered mountains in the distance. Thank you to everyone who came out to see us in Crater Lake and Bend. We always enjoy meeting fellow classic car enthusiasts. Tomorrow we head to Hood, Oregon and a visit at the Aeroplane and Auto Museum there for our lunch stop. We are also more than happy to announce that Trevor and Josh were announced the winners of Stage 6 in the Great Race 2019. This is quite an honor and we are very proud of their focus and accomplishment. If you want to keep up with the standings, you can visit the Great Race website.

Congratulations to Josh Hull and Trevor Stahl for their accomplishment of winning Stage 6 of the Great Race 2019. No small feat. We are very proud of you.

Congratulations and keep up the great teamwork.


In between the sleet storm on Day 6 on the way to Crater Lake, Oregon.

An example of the rally directions we are given to follow for each leg of the race.

This is where we had lunch on Day 6.

Crater Lake was created by a volcano and there are lava fields along the road.

Crater Lake’s depth of 1,943 feet (592 meters) makes it the deepest lake in the United States, and the ninth deepest in the world.

Crater Lake rests in the belly of a dormant volcano. The volcano once stood 12,000 feet tall, but it collapsed after a major eruption 7,700 years ago. Later eruptions formed Wizard Island, a cinder cone that rises from the water.

Our good friends Doug and Howard Sharp in their 1916 Hudson Pike Peak Hill Climber were currently in 1st place overall at the time this photo was taken by Trevor Stahl.

Director of Business Development- Automotive Lifestyle at Hagerty, Brad Phillips is really living up to his title. Kudos to him for spending time picking up roadside trash while waiting for their turn to start in the Great Race on Day 6.

Thank you for your service and for the wonderful welcome into Bend.

We were welcomed into Bend by an ROTC cadet corp. Thank you!

Rain and redwoods. This pretty much summed up our trip to Grants Pass. (Day 5 photo, courtesy Great Race)

The 1941 Packard has never looked more elegant. (Day 5 photo, courtesy Great Race)

All the Spirit of Stahls’ cars feature a memorial sticker remembering Jim Miller. Jim was a mentor to Ted and Mary in learning about the world of classic cars and told us about the Great Race.

Another great shot of Erin and Marty on Day 5 in Oregon.(Day 5 photo, courtesy Great Race)

Beautiful shot by Great Race photographer on Day 5. (Day 5 photo, courtesy Great Race)

A great shot of some elk taken by Great Race photographer on day 5 near Grants Pass. (Day 5 photo, courtesy Great Race)

Like all our Great Racers, every morning Brad Phillips checks for loose electrical connections, then adds water/oil or whatever else is necessary, before hitting the road for the day.

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  1. Sidar Cisneros says:

    Great spirit to compete a nice rally, I hope you win.

  2. Sarah stahl says:

    Can’t wait to stay in the know….

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