Great Race Day 5 Eureka to Grant’s Pass

Brad and Dan are braving the elements on Day 5 as we traveled from Eureka to Gold Beach, Oregon.

Despite the fog, we enjoyed a wonderful evening in the town of Eureka on Day 4. On Wednesday, June 26, Day 5 of the 2019 Great Race, we started with no sign of sunshine. After a quick breakfast, we hit the road in the soupy northwestern weather. Travels today were cold, wet and nasty, especially for the teams that don’t have a roof over their heads. For the Spirit of Stahls’ teams, that means Brad and Dan in the 1916 Hudson and Josh and Trevor in the Stars and Stripes. They were glad to have the opportunity to dry off after arriving in Gold Beach, Oregon for lunch (but still wishing they had packed their gloves). After lunch we headed south and inland towards Grants Pass. If you want to follow along and see how the teams are keeping up in the standings, scores are posted each night. You can click on this link to see the results of every team. Did you know that the 1916 Hudson Series H car being driven by Brad Phillips with navigator Dan Stahl is no stranger to the Great Race? It has been in the race three times, and took home the top prize in the year 2000. It was built and driven in the previous races by the Richard Burdick and Wayne Bell team. It is the first time the car has been a part of the Spirit of Stahls’ team. Mary and I had the chance to watch Dan and Brad struggle with the wind and rain as they drove since we were behind them for part of the route. Brad was jumping up and down trying to see through the raindrops and keep a view on the road and it made us more thankful than ever that we had a roof over our heads. We had to cross back into California and then re-enter Oregon before finally arriving in Grants Pass. As we looked around, we felt like we had arrived back in the late 60’s, because there is a cool, laid-back hipster atmosphere, with lots of tie-dye shirts, long hair and long beards. With the rain behind us, our luck started turning a bit, especially after we discovered we had earned two ACES. Mary was also interviewed by a local television station. Once again, we are thankful that everyone arrived safely and we are glad to experience all the enthusiasm from the people in the town. Thank you for a wonderful welcome and dinner.

We made it to Gold Beach, but the summer weather hasn’t arrived yet.

A foggy situation in Eureka at the end of Day 4.

Watching the fog roll in at our overnight in Eureka on Day 4.

As always, the crowds came out despite the weather. We were glad to see everyone in Eureka and we enjoyed the food vendors.

Two ACES for Mary and Ted on Day 5.

Mary is interviewed by a local television station in Grants Pass, Oregon on Day 5.

We are really enjoying the people in the laid-back town of Grants Pass, Oregon.

Trevor and Josh in the Stars and Stripes are experienced when it comes to rainy rallying.

It’s raining again….

Brad and Dan didn’t realize their trunk was open until a friendly tourist took this photo.

Scenic views along the route near Gold Beach.

On the way to Grants Pass, Brad and Dan braving the elements.

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