Great Race Days 3 and 4

Thanks to the Great Race for the wonderful photography of our cars on the way to Oroville, CA on day 3.


On Monday June 24 we cruised from Gardnerville, NV, making a lunch stop in Grass Valley, CA, a pit stop in Oroville, CA and arriving in Chico for our overnight. We finished Day 3 driving through Paradise, an area that topped headlines last year because of a 142,000 acre wild fire. In the morning on Day 4, Tuesday, we left Chico for our lunch stop in Willits. If you would like to check on scores at the end of each day, you can check on the Great Race website. (The Spirit of Stahls’ team of Josh and Trevor ended up 8th on Day 3 and 5th in overall standings!) We are truly enjoying the scenery here in California, even though Mary and I experienced an eight minute delay along the route due to construction. At least we were amused by the dog who was running around and trying to get the construction worker to play fetch with him. That’s just part of the Great Race. You never know what’s going to happen along the route. Which is why it’s so amazing when teams earn “ACES” for perfect scores. We are very proud of all the Spirit of Stahls’ teams and their focus. We still have a long way to go but we are enjoying every minute. Driving along the Avenue of the Giants, a scenic highway, we had the chance to see some of California’s majestic redwoods, which are truly spectacular, including a drive-through tree in the Humboldt forest.  Tonight we overnight in Eureka, California. Eureka is about 270 miles north of San Francisco and it’s the largest coastal city between San Francisco and Portland. The entire city is a state historic landmark, which has hundreds of majestic Victorian homes. We were amazed that the city has retained its original 19th-century commercial core as a nationally recognized Old Town Historic District. Parked along the bay, the cars from the Great Race fit in perfectly in this vintage backdrop. It’s chilly and fog is rolling in but we’re grateful to arrive. Thank you to everyone who came out to see us and enjoy the beauty of your city and the cars.  In the morning, it’s an early out heading to Gold Beach, Oregon on the start of day 5.

We see you Erin and Marty! You are doing a great job.

The Stars and Stripes is one of the most photographed cars on the route.

Two-Wheel Mary is doing a great job keeping all four wheels on the road during this stretch.

Here comes our Hudson, with Brad and Dan.

A pit stop in Oroville brings out the crowds on day 3.

Thank you to everyone who came to see us in Grass Valley, CA on day 3.

Arriving in Chico at the end of Day 3.

Behind the wheel of car 97 you will find Erin Stahl. Marty Smith is navigator, her first time ever participating in a road rally. Erin and Marty are friends who met working at Stahls’ many years ago. Marty was also quoted in the recent article posted yesterday. 

Mary and I got held up for around 8 minutes due to road construction on the route. This dog wanted the man holding the stop sign to throw his bone…

Views from the road. Amazing to still see snow!

We had a shady place to park upon arrival in Willits, California for lunch on day 4.

Located in Leggett, this redwood is named Chandelier because of the enormous branches balanced on either side of the trunk, branching out approximately 100 feet above the ground, like a giant three-armed candelabra. The carved tunnel opening is quite wide, making it easier for larger vehicles to pass through.

Yes, most of the cars were able to drive through a tree. These majestic redwoods were really something to behold.

Trevor and Josh posing in front of the Chandelier Tree

Thank you to the Great Race for capturing Dan and Brad in the Hudson coming through the tree.

It’s chilly and a bit foggy but this coastal town was a great place to end Day 4.

Welcome to Eureka Erin and Marty.

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