Greetings from Munich

View from above of Stahls' booth at the FESPA 2010 in Munich. We're in Hall A2, booth 120.

The FESPA 2010 is underway and I’ve been busy trying to see everything there is to see at this HUGE show that has over 600 exhibitors presenting all aspects of screen, digital and textile printing. Innovation is this year’s theme and I am doing my best to sort out what is really innovation and what is just great marketing. The show is spread out over several huge halls and it is impossible to see it all in one day, especially when so many industry colleagues are also here. I ran into Charlie Taublieb at Charlie’s Corner and will share some more about that tomorrow. One thing that is very different about this show from US-based imprinting shows is the number of heat press manufacturers that are here. There are heat presses of every size, shape and color but so far I haven’t seen any that have the dual functionality or ease of platen threadbility that the Hotronix Fusion offers. We are debuting the press here in Europe for the first time and it is getting a fantastic reception.

Ben Robinson demonstrates the Hotronix Fusion to visitors at the FESPA 2010,

Ben Robinson, of Stahls’ Hotronix, is here to demonstrate and answer questions and I believe we have already sold most of the floor models. The price is right, the capabilities are right on and people know and trust the Hotronix brand here in Europe.  Most of the visitors I have had the chance to speak with are interested in expanding their businesses. One was an embroiderer that wanted to combine heat printing with embroidery and had never seen applique before. Very interested in our selection of CAD-CUT twill materials. Another was a printer of menus that had a lot of demand for custom work wear for the restaurant industry, shirts, aprons, etc… He felt that heat printing would be ideal for customers that come in on Friday and need the finished shirts by Sunday. He has to be able to do the work in house, and he quickly understood that heat printing, using a cutter, heat press and CAD-CUT materials was the right way to get that type of work done.

Ariel, Ben, Carleen and Ulrike were on hand to answer questions and demonstrate new products.

All in all, it was a busy day at the Stahls’ booth and elsewhere in the various halls. Thanks to all the folks at our Stahls’ Europe location that worked behind the scenes and to Ulrike Andre of Stahls’ International who assisted with pre-show publicity and many other details. It takes a lot of hard work to put together a professional showing at an international trade show like FESPA and I am thankful to be represented by so many hard working team members.  I will try to get a group photo of all team members tomorrow, as well as more photos from around the show.

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    Looks like a awesome show!

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