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By Jordana is a custom apparel business that started from Jordana Schrager’s love of doodling.


One of our Strategic Account Managers, Mike Koval, drew my attention to an entrepreneur using digital prints and CAD-CUT heat transfer vinyls to expand her custom footwear, apparel and accessories business. We took the opportunity to investigate further and discovered that Jordana Schrager not only designs one-of-a-kind custom pieces, she creates rainbow inspired masterpieces with an emphasis on COLOR!

First and foremost, Jordana Schrager is an artist. As an artist and designer, she’s been able to take something she loves to do–doodling–to the next level.  Her custom decorating business is called By Jordana. If you follow her on Instagram, you’ll see that she’s always creating custom, hand-drawn artwork on everything from Nike sneakers to UGG slippers and more. It’s mesmerizing to watch her work her magic with paint pens. Her kaleidoscopic art has made a real splash in the world and she’s created custom apparel for clients around the world, including celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. More recently, she’s been expanding her business by customizing at events, such as music festivals and collaborating with corporate partners, such as Bloomingdales, Capital One and recently for Maybelline.


Jordana customizing caps using CAD-PRINTZ at a T-Mobile event.

Since many of her custom, hand-drawn pieces take hours to create, it would be literally impossible to grow her business without figuring out a way to leverage her talents. Her solution? CAD-PRINTZ digital transfers and other heat print graphics. It’s easy for her to upload her art and then Stahls’ sends her the finished transfers. We asked Jordana how she discovered that CAD-PRINTZ were a good match for her business. “I attended the University of Michigan, in Ann Arbor, and I continued my custom drawing business (which she started in high school) throughout college. At one point, I began researching how I could create transfers of my custom artwork. Since Stahls’ is also a Michigan-based company that seemed to have products that would suit my needs, I gave them a call and was actually able to visit their showroom in Sterling Heights, Michigan in 2016,” explains Jordana.


Seeing everything that could be done with heat printing gave Jordana even more inspiration and ideas. “I decided to purchase a Hotronix heat press that I could take with me to events.” Jordana has worked with Saks, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Macy’s and many other retailers across the country to offer customers on the spot customization. In addition to hand-drawn designs on shoes and slippers, she also offers people the chance to add her artwork immediately by choosing from a variety of prepared transfers. She helps them personalize just about anything featuring her colorful artwork.

“People love to create and customize and see the results while they watch. At one music festival we created thousands of custom cooling towels. I’ve also created custom computer covers, hats, camp t-shirts, you name it. The great thing about heat transfers is there’s a media for use on just about anything.” Jordana also uses transfers to customize tote bags, like this one she recently featured in an online Instagram story.

By Jordana custom tote created with CAD-CUT heat transfer vinyl and her custom artwork.

Some more examples of Jordana’s artwork that can be heat printed on items selected by the customer.


Jordana takes custom orders via her website and is open to customizing just about anything, including jean jackets, leggings, bags and much more. She works with clients to create the ultimate custom masterpiece. If you have an idea you would like Jordana to bring to life with her custom art, visit and send her an email. Or follow her on Instagram @by_jordana to see what she’s up to right now, as well as past projects. Everyone at Stahls’ looks forward to seeing you continue to grow your business. Thank you for bringing so much joy and color to the world. Our late mother Ricki Stahl really loved bright happy colors like the ones you use and I can’t help but smile when I see your work.

Jordana also uses stock numbers and letters in combination with her artwork.

This event at a retailer allowed customers to create custom shirts using Jordana’s art and stock lettering from Stahls’.

Heat printing custom lap-top cases at a recent Maybelline event.

Jordana heat printing items at a corporate event with her Hotronix heat press.

One thing Jordana really loves about heat printing is that you can print almost anything.

More examples of Jordana’s artwork turned into custom transfers.

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