Heading to the 2019 NFL Draft

We’re heading to Nashville to prepare for the upcoming NFL Draft.

Our team from Stahls’ Decorating Fulfillment Center is heading to Nashville to get ready for our behind-the-scenes role in providing some of the most thrilling “on-demand” heat printing in the world. We are honored to have worked with Nike for the eighth year in a row in order to create the custom jersey presented to each player as they are drafted to a team. It all happens in a secret workroom, with only a very limited number of representatives from the NFL, Nike and Stahls’ allowed access. After the NFL rep receives word via headset on the prospective pick, the team starts working to heat print the correct name onto the correct team jersey. After many years of working this process, we have it down to a science that requires many weeks of preparation. It’s insanely precise and there is no room for error. We also have back up plans for our back up plans, just in case something does go wrong. Here’s a video from 2015 that gives you an idea on how we get the job done.


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