Hands-On Learning At StahlsTV Open House

We had a great turnout at the recent StahlsTV.com Grand Opening Open House event in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. One of the things that visitors appreciated was the chance to see and touch heat printed samples. “We don’t get to go to many industry trade shows,” said one local attendee, “so this was a great opportunity to see some of your newer products and services.” We were more than happy to show you. For those of you that couldn’t make it, remember that you can always request samples of products that you haven’t tried. If you’re interested in keeping up with some of the latest heat printing techniques and ideas, just visit StahlsTV.com. We have the industry’s largest selection of how-to heat print videos archived. And you can also sign up for live educational events.


One of the best ways to learn is to do it yourself. Here Open House attendess learn how to mask and apply full color CAD-Printz.


Open House attendees could choose from a variety of smaller group sessions to attend.


There were plenty of samples to test and plenty of note-taking.


Learning some new heat printing techniques using Hotronix specialty platens.


Thank you to everyone who was able to attend these powerful learning sessions. You make what we do so worthwhile!


Josh is always explaining something. Lots of samples on display in the StahlsTV Studios.


Bob Robinson leads a class on full color logo printing and application.


We’ll let you know when we plan the next Open House event. This one was just the first!

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