Anytime you have a small business, the owner is usually responsible for a wide variety of jobs, from sales and marketing, to accounting, to production to customer service. Small business owners are used to being hands-on in all types of situations, mostly because if they don’t do it, it won’t get done! I understand that mentality because I am a very “hands-on” personality. Whether it’s fixing a hydraulic lift, repairing a tug boat or taking apart a heat press, I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty. Only by understanding how things work are we able to move forward and make them better. I encourage all GroupeSTAHL associates to get their hands dirty when it comes to understanding the needs of our customers. Part of our training includes hands-on team lettering challenges, using vinyl cutters and CAD-CUT ® materials, and everyone has to know how to make their own t-shirt with a heat press before ever picking up a phone. We take pride in knowing what your business needs to be successful and we create heat print products and services geared to make you more profitable and reduce the time you spend personalizing garments.

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