Heat Press Tips

About 20 years ago, we put together a booklet called “The Art of Applying Transfers.” It was basically an informational piece on heat presses, specifically Hotronix heat presses, but it really had a lot of excellent information in it. Here are some of my favorite heat sealing tips:

1. Always pre-heat the lower platen by lowering the heated upper platen onto it for about 20 seconds. This is especially helpful if you are applying your first transfer of the day.

2. After positioning your garment on the heat press, pre-heat the garment by lowering the upper platen for about 5 seconds. This will help release any moisture that is in the garment which could prevent proper application. It will also remove any wrinkles in the shirt.
There are a lot more heat press tips in the booklet, but I will save those for another posting. And, in case you are wondering, the booklet is out of print, but you can find most of the information that was once printed in the booklet at StahlsHeatPress.com

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