Happy Fathers Day from the Great Race 2022

Brett Stahl, Ted Stahl, Don Falcone with his son and brother at the Great Race 2022 start in Warwick, Rhode Island.

This Fathers Day weekend we are thankful for everyone who goes above and beyond to make a difference in childrens’ lives, whether you are a father or not! Thank you for being excellent role models and setting a good example for the next generation.

Most of our family is here participating in the Great Race 2022. We’ll be reporting from along the route.

This morning we were lucky to run into Don Falcone of DMK Sports. DMK Sports has been a loyal Stahls’ customer for over 30 years. Thanks for stopping to say hello Don! We appreciate you taking the time.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Here’s the route for the Great Race 2022

The starting line up in Warwick, RI. Waiting to get on the road!

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  1. Tom McInnes says:

    Happy Fathers Day Ted! Have fun and have a great Race!


  2. It was a pleasure to finally meet you and the Stahls’ family and see a part of your collection of fine autos. If I get a chance to get to Michigan I will surely find time to visit the museum. Good luck in the race; it sounds like a wonderful experience. We are a family of car nuts with a small collection of classic cars; so appreciate your interests. Sorry you did not get a chance to meet my father who I started the business with over 30 years ago; he does not get around as well these days.
    Donald Falcone Jr.
    DMK Sports

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