Heat Presses Everywhere at FESPA 2012

The Stahls' Europe booth at FESPA 2012 was consistenly crowded with customers, according to GroupeSTAHL CEO Brian Sukarukoff who was on hand.

After hearing from GroupeSTAHL CEO Brian Sukarukoff and listening to Scott Fresener’s YouTube videos that were taped live at the FESPA Digital 2012 in Barcelona, it is confirmed that heat printing is alive and well in Europe. Brian said the Stahls’ booth was consistently crowded with customers who were looking to purchase new presses or find out more about our latest heat transfer materials. And Fresener confirmed the interest in heat transfer technology, saying he’d “never seen so many heat presses.”  Brian also mentioned that he was glad to see so many visitors at the show–despite press reports of Europe’s bad economy–many of them making large equipment purchases and looking for ways to expand their businesses. Similar to what we’ve been seeing at stateside shows, there is a huge interest in all things glittery–foil, rhinestones, reflective, holographic heat transfer materials, as well as retro distressed looks.

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  1. Ted – wish you were there. We could have smoked cigars. As you saw from my report I was blown away by the number of heat presses. And, it was a very busy show which is a good sign. The FespaFabric section of the show often feels like an after thought in the grand scheme of the huge wide-format booths but I must say I didn’t see too many exhibitors standing around.

    On a different topic, I got my first Stahls ID catalog in years yesterday. Very nice! Regardless of the internet there is still nothing like a printed piece and you guys really do a nice job. Just like the old days! Kudos.

  2. Ted says:

    Scott–Thanks for the comment and I will pass on your compliments to the marketing team about the catalog. Indeed, heat printing is alive and well!

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