Leap Day–Another Great Reason to Own a Heat Press

From what I could gather, this design was made by a school club that sells shirts commemorating different holidays. The article said they only sold 8 shirts. I wonder why.

February 29th–or Leap Day–as some call it, only comes around once every four years. Why not consider the day for what it really is–another reason to make a custom t-shirt with your heat press. That’s the nice thing about heat printing…you don’t have to commit to a huge quantity because honestly I don’t think any of these designs are going to be huge sellers. But here are some Leap Day T-shirts I ran across on the web. If you have a better one (and I think you probably do), please share.

Only 1 out of every 1,461 people are born on Feb. 29th, so that kind of limits your buying audience for this shirt.


Why anyone would want to wear this is unclear to me, but I'm not a Leap Year Baby.

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