Heat Print Reflective Logos in Color

Somethings just can’t be screenprinted easily. Reflective is one of them. Try our new Hi-Vis Color Reflective in nine colors.

If you want to add the power of a reflective logo to an item but don’t want to be limited to silver, Stahls’ how offers CAD-CUT® Hi-Vis Color Reflect Heat Transfer Vinyl. It’s available in nine popular colors that can be seen over 300 feet away. This video talks about how to use your heat press to add color reflective logos and more to garments and other items. If you have been looking for a high-visibility reflective material is intended for use on fashion, street and sportswear, watch the video to learn more about this exciting new heat transfer vinyl. You now have the ability to offer your customers something they can’t get elsewhere. It’s usually not practical or affordable to screen print reflective logos. With these cuttable materials you can quickly add logos and names to anything you can put under a heat press. This is perfect for back to school, runners and other athletes that need to be visible. Now you can offer the power of reflectivity in colors other than silver. Another way your heat press helps set you apart from the competition.

  • 300 candle power retroreflectivity
  • Easy to cut and weed
  • PVC-free – Can be cut using a laser cutter
  • Not recommended for use as a background layer

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