Heat Printing 2,000 Logos

For those of you who wonder what is the largest quantity you would heat print for a client, right now the number at Stahls’ is about 2,000. This past week our Diversity Team (along with the help of many volunteers) worked hard to heat apply TALAE and STAHLS’ logos on 700 Bags, 270 T-shirts and Polos.  Approximately 2,000 logos were heat applied.  Those same volunteers helped to fold and pack all the items for shipping to Austin, Texas, where they will be used during the TALAE (Texas Association for Literacy and Adult Education) Conference taking place in February.  STAHLS’, together with our partners from the Irving-ISD and Hispanic Chamber of Commerce will be presenting STAHLS’ Entrepreneurial Program to attendees from all over the state of Texas.  Special thanks to Emily E., Mary B., Kelli H., Donna F., Sarah R., Elaine N., Wendy T., Rachael J., Mark O., and Darry W. for your help. Good luck at the conference, we look forward to hearing how it went.

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