SimStitch Now Pre-Spaced

Let us create pre-spaced or pre-aligned custom SimStitch layouts. Just heat apply for a sewn applique look with no sewing.

If you’ve ever wanted to create the look of sewn twill lettering but didn’t want to actually sew it, you may have already heard of SimStitch Letters and Numbers.  Short for “simulated stitching” SimStitch is now available several ways. 1. You can purchase individual pre-sewn letters , which can be heat applied with a heat press. It has been an extremely popular product ever since its introduction, especially for sports like football, hockey and baseball that often use sewn twill lettering. 2. Now, there is a new way to use SimStitch, and keep in mind it is slightly different since it uses laser-etched stitches. Now you can get the look of sewn twill appliqué with pre-aligned Stahls SimStitc . The adhesive-backed, one or two-layer poly twill graphics have laser-etched, simulated stitches which give the appearance of a zig-zag stitch. It is available three ways:

  • Any Word. Any Way. Sublimated SimStitch
  • Any Word. Any Way. SimStitch
  • Custom Cut SimStitch

These new SimStitch offerings are NOT pre-sewn (as SimStitch individual Numbers and Letters are) – This new SimStitch is laser cut with a simulated zig-zag stitch – and gives the look of embroidery.

Most designs will come on a clear carrier that make them a breeze to position and press. Here’s how it works: Click here to create a custom, pre-aligned sewn look for athletic and other types of garments, without the cost of embroidery. If you have sports uniforms that you would like to upgrade with a sewn look, SimStitch is a fantastic way to create high quality custom applique looks without sewing.


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