Heat Printing at the NFL Combine 2019

Heat printing is the fastest, easiest way to create custom jerseys on demand.

The NFL Combine is one of the greatest displays of raw athleticism you will find anywhere. The aspiring NFL players not only want to perform at their best levels, they also want to look their best. Which is where heat printing comes in. We had a Stahls’ Decoration Fulfillment Center support team and multiple Hotronix heat presses and cutters at the event to handle last minute decoration needs for athletes that need to size up or size down on the apparel provided to them by UnderArmour for the event. This is the 10th year we have assisted with this program at the Combine. It was our job to custom heat print jerseys and other merchandise with names, numbers and player position. One night we were there until midnight! For player names and numbers we cut and heat print with CAD-CUT White SportFilm Lite heat transfer vinyl, Maize Thermo-FILM, Neon Orange Fashion  Film heat transfer vinyl and Matte Maroon Fashion Film heat transfer vinyl. So the next time you have the opportunity to heat print at a local event, be it for sports, robotics, dance or chess, say yes. Heat printing is the ideal method for Made-To-Order custom shirts, jerseys or even jackets. For more information on heat printing at events, download this free book from Stahls’.  Even if you don’t want to take a cutter with you to the event, having a heat press, custom transfers and pre-cut heat transfer materials on hand is all you need. Just create custom prints that your customers can mix and match. You can even add on to pre-printed shirts, making each shirt more custom and charging for each imprint. A good rule of thumb is approximately $5.00 per location. Some people will want to add a custom touch to multiple locations on a shirt or even on pants or shorts. If you have done heat printing at events, we would love to hear from you if you would like to share where you have been and what you have done. There are multiple posts on this blog about successful event printing stories. Just use the search bar and type in the word “event.”

Making sure heat print graphics are lined up properly and ready to print at the NFL Combine 2019.

The NFL Combine can be the beginning of a new career for aspiring athletes.

We heat printed last minute names, numbers and positions to all types of performance wear at the recent NFL Combine.

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