10 Things to Know about Heat Printing at Events

Download your free copy of this informative book on heat printing at events. FREE from the experts at Stahls’ Transfer Express.

If you’ve always wanted to take your business on the road, it’s a fantastic idea. You probably have a ton of questions, such as what type of press to bring, how many transfers to order, should you pre-press shirts, what to charge and more. The heat printing experts at Stahls’ Transfer Express have put together a guide that will hopefully answer most of your questions. It’s called 10 Things to Know About Heat Printing at Events. Click here to download your free copy. Download your copy to read right now. It’s a great way to use the time “between the years” (after Christmas and before New Year’s), when business might be a little slow. There are so many opportunities in all seasons to offer heat printing at events, all types of winter and spring sports tournaments and don’t forget to thing outside the sports box…dance, cheer, gymnastics, robotics, fencing, table tennis, car shows…there are literally thousands of different events out there where people would love to buy custom tees on the spot. And even if you’re not the official t-shirt vendor for the event, you can offer further personalization on event t-shirts with pre-cut lettering. So in case you were wondering, YES, you can take your heat press on the road. Start learning more about heat printing at events with our free booklet. And if you have further questions, we are here to answer them.

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  1. Naomi says:

    I heard about a couple recently who are pressing at fairs and other events out of their RV. Apparently they live in half the bus, and the other half is the t-shirt business. This is really taking the business on the road!

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