Heat Printing Dancewear

Have you recently started your garment decoration business? Are you curious as to how others run their businesses or how they got started? You’re not alone. We have so many requests for real stories from real people. During this episode of the StahlsTV Morning Show, Josh Ellsworth has the chance to speak with owner of The Barre RoomCrystal Bogorae.  Crystal was previously featured on Stahls’ BluePrint series. (The BluePrint series is a longer “reality TV type” look at custom garment businesses. Crystal appears in the 4th episode. You can find all episodes on our YouTube channel or Stahls’ website) Crystal owns a dance boutique but recently decided to add a heat press to her business in order to be able to offer custom items and create her own designs. Josh shows her some CAD-CUT heat transfer vinyl Materials that work well with performance and dance wear, and how to create looks that are sought after and modern. Josh also shows how to use Thermo-FILM to create a popular football fan shirt. If you are looking for inspiration and ideas, this is only one of hundreds of videos you’ll find on our YouTube channel.

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