How to Print Roller Derby Uniforms

Great niche market if you sell custom apparel. There’s a lot of demand for creativity in the roller derby uniform world.

How to Print Roller Derby Uniforms

Roller derby uniforms are very custom and offer many opportunities to use some more unusual decorating methods, such as reflective, metallics and holographic materials. You can use a cutter, heat transfer vinyl and a heat press to customize shirts, shorts and more.

There is also widespread use of “bling” on the shorts, especially on the back of the shorts. Players often use this space to write messages, which are visible to other skaters during the match.

Heat Press Transfers Work Anywhere

First of all, one of the big advantages of using heat press transfers is you can print them on any location. This includes the back of shorts. It’s not easy to screen print on the back of shorts but it’s very easy to apply a heat transfer. Secondly, you can add individual names, numbers and even sayings using heat press transfers you create yourself or they can be ordered online.

Best Heat Press Machine

If you want to get started printing uniforms for roller derby skaters or any other niche market, all you need is a heat press. What’s the best heat press machine to get started with? There are heat press machines for every budget and every business idea. There are heat presses you can take with you to events and offer on-site personalization. Heat pressing at events can be a very lucrative way to sell more t-shirts and also help skaters personalize their uniforms for a fee.

Finding Other Niche Markets

Printing uniforms for roller derby teams is definitely a niche market. You may want to consider looking into other niche markets, such as car shows, horse shows, robotics competitions and any other groups that appreciate custom t-shirts. You’ll find plenty of willing customers if you are able to create custom shirts on demand using a heat press.

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