Best Budget T-Shirt Heat Press


Looking for an affordable heat press that’s made in the U.S.A.? The A2Z Swing Away heat press machine from Stahls’ is the answer.

If you want to start printing t-shirts and are shopping for a quality yet affordable heat press machine, the A2Z Swing Away Heat Press is the best budget t-shirt heat press. The A2Z Swing Away Heat Press is the top value-price heat press machine for home use, start-ups or small businesses. First of all, you can print custom t-shirts at home and start your t-shirt business today. Secondly, you always get professional results with all heat transfer vinyls and screen printed transfers. Thirdly, it has benefits you won’t find in other heat presses at this price point. And best of all? It’s made in the U.S.A., and has a warranty, which means we’re here for you if you have questions about using the press.

Benefits of the A2Z Heat Press

The A2Z best t-shirt heat press has a digital time and temperature display and features a self-balancing pressure adjustment system to ensure even pressure during heat pressing. The pressure feature is unique to the A2Z  t-shirt heat press. You won’t find this unique pressure system on other heat presses. This pressure technology is only on the A2Z press and has several patents pending. The swing-away style means the heated upper platen swings to the side in order to permit easy and heat-free layout of transfers, numbers and letters on shirts and more. It’s the number one choice when it comes to t-shirt heat presses.

Overview of A2Z Heat Press Features:

    • Made in the USA with warranty
    • 15″ x 15″ Platen
    • Digital time, temperature display
    • Self-pressure balancing system (Patents Pending)
    • Swing away upper platen
    • Reliable and professional results

Best Budget T-Shirt Heat Press

If you would like more information on pre-ordering your A2Z Swing Away Heat Press, click on this link. 

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