Heat Printing for NFL Combine Gear

Stahls’ CAD-CUT Heat Transfer Vinyls are tough enough for the NFL Combine gear and the best way to customize certain items.

If you follow the NFL and were watching the 2020 NFL Combine that wrapped up March 2, you saw a lot of amazing athletes in action. New Era Cap is the official outfitter of the NFL Combine. And now you can tell your customers that heat printing is the method of choice for NFL Combine gear, because all the gear worn and used by these top athletes was customized using Stahls’ CAD-CUT Heat Transfer Vinyls.  We also had a Hotronix Fusion heat press on site in order to take care of any size requests from the athletes who needed smaller or larger jerseys, shorts or pants. The materials we used to customize the NFL Combine gear included CAD-CUT Reflective II, CAD-CUT Fashion Film Neon and CAD-CUT Fashion Film Electric.

CAD-CUT Reflective II was used to personalize jerseys for the recent NFL Combine.

CAD-CUT Fashion Film Neon shines bright at the NFL Combine.

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