Add Value To Custom Garments with Multiple Logos

The popularity of multiple location printing continues to grow. A heat press makes it possible to add more value than ever to any garment by printing just about anywhere on the item.

During a recent Stahls’ Heat Press for Profit Facebook Page live class on heat printing on hoodies, Jenna showed viewers how you can print up to 5 locations on a sweatshirt. This ability is truly only proftitable/possible with a heat press. I can’t imagine how a screen printer would make any money after screening all those locations. Jenna used the Dual Air Fusion IQ® to heat print 5 locations. The blank sweatshirt had a cost of $14.99 (from SanMar), and the costs for the graphics were roughly $2.50 for the printable CAD-CUT Glitterflake Heat Transfer Vinyl  & mask. She posed the question to viewers, “What would you charge?” for a sweatshirt with custom prints in 5 locations? It’s a great question! What would you, could you charge for this sweatshirt?

With a heat press you can easily print in multiple locations, which is especially popular when printing hoodies.

Heat printing makes it possible to print on sleeves quickly and easily.

Don’t forget the hood itself, and the lower back part of the hoodie.


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