Heat Printing Highly Detailed Designs

CAD-CUT Premium Plus High Tack is the perfect solution for cutting highly detailed designs for heat printing.

If you own a cutter and are looking for a heat transfer vinyl that is perfect for cutting highly detailed designs, CAD-CUT Premium Plus High Tack is an excellent choice. Heat printing expert Josh Ellsworth shows you why in this short educational video. People that have already tried it are giving very positive feedback about its soft hand and the fact that it is so easy to work with. Josh shows that it’s possible to cut and weed lettering that is as tiny as 1/8 of an inch with fantastic results. If you’ve been looking for a cuttable heat transfer vinyl that allows you to get excellent results with highly detailed designs or super small lettering, this is the answer. Watch and see how Josh uses a cutter, a heat press and CAD-CUT Premium Plus High Tack to print this very tiny text. Keep in mind, your cutter and the sharpness of your blade will also have an impact on the quality of your results, but Josh goes over that in the video.

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