Heat Printing Ideas For You

Gina of KC Swagger came up with an idea to do a surprise mailing to her top customers.

Gina says she also offered 2 accessories with the t-shirt, from another friend’s business.

I’m always impressed by the creativity of our customers and the generosity they show in sharing ideas. This is another example of a business, KC SwaggerShop, using heat printing to take her business to the next level. Instead of waiting for customers to come to her with custom shirt ideas, she actively goes after sales in a very modern way. According to her post on Stahls All Things Heat Printing Facebook page, she offered customers a “Surprise Mailing,” charging them $40 for a t-shirt and some accessories that they would receive in the mail. The recipients were only asked to provide their address and t-shirt size. To her surprise, she received over 20 orders and the customers were delighted with the results. This is such a pro-active way of marketing your services. It probably won’t work for everyone, but if you have a core group of customers who you suspect have extra spending money for something fun, this is an excellent way to add to your bottom line. Congratulations to Gina and everyone at KC Swagger for your hard work and dedication to making people smile with a custom t-shirt. Excellent marketing idea!

For $40, they would receive a surprise custom t-shirt and 2 accessories.

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